Measures to Prevent COVID-19 infection at the AGM 2020

Out of concern for the health of shareholders who will attend the Annual General Meeting during the Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19), we would like to inform shareholders that they may authorize an independent director to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting on their behalf…

Thaicom Issues Guidance for TV Satellite Viewers

Thaicom Public Company Limited announced end of Thaicom 5 service and completed the deorbiting. The Company would like to provide satellite TV viewers experiencing satellite TV reception issues with guidance to continue enjoying a seamless TV experience.

Thaicom 5 Satellite Ends Service

Thaicom Public Company Limited announced today the successful migration of its customers from the Thaicom 5 satellite to Thaicom 6 and other satellites. The Company has put in its best effort to resolving the technical anomaly in order to ensure the continuity of services to its customers.

Thaicom to complete migration of customers from Thaicom 5

Thaicom Public Company Limited reports progress on its ongoing efforts to migrate customers from Thaicom 5 after the satellite suffered a technical anomaly. The migration of the company’s broadcast customers from Thaicom 5 to Thaicom 6 will start on 15 February 2020.

Thaicom Migrates Thaicom 5 Satellite Customers

Thaicom Public Company Limited announces progress regarding a technical anomaly on the Thaicom 5 satellite which resulted in technical limitations to monitoring the status of the satellite, as reported earlier by the company.