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At Thaicom, we are always looking for talented, passionate people to join our family as we strive to be a leading Asian satellite operator.


Mr. Teeratat Kerdchouay

Head of Broadband and Mobility Platform Unit

Since joining Thaicom, I have had an excellent professional journey from a Product Marketer to the Head of Strategy and Planning team. The 11 years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. One of the simplest, but greatest, advantages to work here has been the opportunity to use English on a daily basis, as Thaicom is a multicultural company that provides services throughout Asia Pacific and Africa. Thaicom is offering an opportunity to experience exceptional work with exceptional people.

“The Company is also concerned with the career development and advancement of its employees. To help employees grow along with the Company, Thaicom provides opportunities for career development and offers dual career path options, allowing employees to choose to develop their career along a managerial path or a path of technical expertise based on their strengths.

To facilitate sustainable growth, the Company maintains a succession plan as well as a talent management plan to develop and retain high-potential employees. Through a variety of tools and processes, including a leadership pipeline matrix, individual development plans, and special project assignments as well as coaching from experts and executives, employees are challenged to push their capabilities to the limits to reach their potential.”