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Dividend policy of the Company
The Board of Directors of the Company may recommend annual dividends, subject to the approval of the Company’s shareholders, at an Annual General Meeting. From time to time, the Company’s Board of Directors may declare interim dividends. The current policy of the Board of Directors of the Company is to recommend to our shareholders a dividend of not less than 40% of stand-alone net profits, and shall not exceed the retained earnings as shown in the Company’s Financial Statement. However, the dividend payment shall not materially affect our investment plans and operations, and depends on cash flows as well as any other future obligations of the Company and subsidiaries and any obligations with the financial institutions.
Dividend policy of the subsidiaries and associated companies
The Company’s subsidiaries and associated companies have dividend policies in line with that of the Company. The Board of Directors of the Company and those of its subsidiaries and associated companies will consider and propose dividend payments to shareholders for approval, subject to their investment plans and financial needs or unless the payment of dividends would materially affect their operations.