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Thaicom to complete migration of customers from Thaicom 5 by February 2020

Nonthaburi, 11 February 2020 – Thaicom Public Company Limited reports progress on its ongoing efforts to migrate customers from Thaicom 5 after the satellite suffered a technical anomaly. The company has informed its satellite television broadcast customers to migrate their television platforms from Thaicom 5 to Thaicom 6, which will start on 15 February 2020. The Company further informed the satellite television broadcast customers to communicate to the end-users to turn on the set top box for required automatic over-the-air update.

Furthermore, Thaicom’s project to extend fuel life of Thaicom 5 and develop new so-called space drone technology to attach the fuel system to the satellite is entirely unrelated to the recent technical anomaly that Thaicom 5 has experienced.

Anant Kaewruamvongs, Chief Executive Officer Thaicom, commented: “Thaicom is doing the best we can to find suitable solutions in order to ensure the continuity of services for our customers. We conduct our business with strict adherence to relevant laws and concession terms.” Anant added: “We would like to thank the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission for their continued support in the process.”