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Build your long-term success

Benefit from Thaicom’s 30 years of experience as one of Asia’s leading satellite operators and in building satellite networks and markets. Thaicom’s highly experienced satellite consulting team specializes in providing consultancy services to operators in developing and emerging markets in Asia. We enable you to target new opportunities at the critical startup phase of your satellite program.

Our vast technical knowledge, deep local knowledge, and strong execution help you achieve your objectives and continued success of your satellite projects. To achieve this goal, our team of engineering, legal, and marketing experts work closely with you to formulate viable solutions that are designed to contribute to your market entry and long term success.  With Thaicom, you can reduce risk, complete your satellite projects on time and within budget.  We provide the necessary resources and know-how to fill gaps in satellite communication programs.

Thaicom provides a broad range of specialized satellite consulting services:
  • Market and business analysis, strategy, development and planning
  • Satellite program management including specification, procurement, construction, launch service, satellite control and insurance
  • Regulation including ITU filing and frequency coordination
  • Satellite operation including satellite in-orbit and service operation
  • Teleport project including communication gateway design and ground system technology

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