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Global maritime broadband connectivity

Nava® is our maritime broadband service platform for ship and offshore operators—available from Thaicom as a single, end-to-end communications solutions provider. With Nava, Thaicom brings reliable broadband connectivity to the sea which is essential to connect crew and passengers, improve safety onboard and support efficient vessel operations.

Global Maritime Service is available now and we are expanding opportunities for partnership.

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Thaicom is a trusted partner for satellite communications services since 1991. Our experience in providing innovative end-to-end satellite communications for the aviation and maritime industries helps your business grow in the digital age. Ship and offshore operators benefit from our global coverage, access to a wide network of satellite service partners, world-class operational support, and flexible service packages.


Nava® Solutions

Thaicom understands the desire of shipowners to not only maximize operational efficiency but also enhance crew’s well-being. Therefore, our solution is designed to address both areas. NAVA® delivers two core components: Office Operation & IoT Device Connectivity and High-speed Broadband for Crew Welfare, to support both work and life at sea.


Office operations demand more and more data to increase work efficiency. Big data such as real-time reports, vessel management information, comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT), and video-teleconferencing is crucial to improving productivity as well as onboard safety. Nava service is therefore provided to tick all boxes.

High-speed Broadband for Crew Welfare

Living and working in the middle of the ocean is never easier when flexible and affordable high-speed Internet is onboard. Message chatting with friends, calling family, or entertaining will be simple, just like when your crew is at home.


Commercial Maritime

The commercial maritime sector, including offshore and energy as well as domestic and international merchants, demands reliable and seamless connectivity to support everyday tasks. Nava offers highly reliable satellite broadband services to comprehend and enhance our client’s operational efficiency, onboard safety, and crew work-life balance.


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Yachts and Leisure Boats

Leveraging our extensive experience in satellite communications, Nava delivers advanced broadband services directly to ships with a variety of service plans to meet your needs. Work, play, and enjoy the freedom of life at sea while Nava keeps you connected whenever and wherever you are.

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Connectivity to the fishing industry has become essential for reinforcing fishing operations, such as real-time tracking of onshore deliveries, monitoring of weather conditions, and improving crew member welfare. Nava provides a high-performance, compact, and affordable outdoor antenna as well as indoor equipment that can be easily installed on fishing boats.


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