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Nava® is our new maritime broadband service platform for ship and offshore operators—available from Thaicom as a single, end-to-end communications solutions provider. With Nava, Thaicom brings reliable broadband connectivity to the sea which is essential to connect crew and passengers, improve safety on board and support efficient vessel operations.


Thaicom is a trusted partner for satellite communications services since 1991. Our experience in providing innovative end-to-end satellite communications for the aviation and maritime industries helps your business grow in the digital age. Ship and offshore operators benefit from our wide satellite coverage area over Asia-Pacific, access to a wide network of experienced satellite service partners, and competitive pricing.

Nava® Solutions

Nava solutions enable crew welfare, provide safety, and improve operational efficiency out at sea.

  • Nava® Ship Manager provides asset and engine monitoring, fuel advice, and maintenance planning to improve operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Nava® Connect provides high-speed internet connectivity for vessel operations, crew, and passengers.
  • Nava® Media enables access to online entertainment, social media, and training on board.
Ku-band Coverage for Broadband Connectivity at Sea

Ku-band coverage via the IPSTAR broadband satellite provides reliable connectivity at sea. IPSTAR’s powerful Ku-band spot beams cover key maritime routes in Asia to provide ship operators with high throughput, always-on, broadband connectivity for a wide range of broadband applications.

The IPSTAR Open Access Platform provides flexibility and full customization of on-board technology including antennas and terminals. Automatic Beam Switching (ABS) allows for seamless transfer from one beam to another while maintaining connectivity with continuous service provisioning.

The service is fully scalable and can be expanded as your business grows.

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