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Premium backhaul and expansion of service coverage for Mobile Network Carriers in Asia-Pacific

We provide leading Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in Asia-Pacific with satellite backhaul for the cost-effective expansion of service coverage. The provision of nationwide mobile network coverage allows MNOs to avoid costly deployment of terrestrial infrastructure in areas with few subscribers and is a cost-effective alternative to microwave links and fiber optics.

Our fully scalable backhaul solution can be deployed in areas with low population density on a point-to-point, multipoint or mesh network configuration. The extension of cellular network coverage to accommodate higher traffic loads or to cover more geographical areas can be done quickly and economically, since satellite-enabled cell sites only require minimal additional infrastructure.

Japanese Mobile Operator Extends 3G Service Nationwide with IPSTAR Backhaul

Japan is a country renown to be at the forefront of technology and was an early adopter of 3G mobile service.

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Cellular Backhaul over IPSTAR