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Thaicom Sustainability Policy and Objectives

In order to achieve the corporate sustainability goals in accordance with the vision and mission, Thaicom must take into account to operate a business with responsibility to stakeholders and reduce the impact to economic, social and environmental dimensions. The Company has therefore established a sustainable pathway that continues to create value for economic growth while sharing values to society and the environment. With the Sustainable Development Policy, we use as a framework to promote the sustainability of the organization to show our responsibility towards economic, social, environmental dimensions. However, in 2020, the Company has revised this policy to easy communicate with stakeholders and clearly classified material under economic, social, environmental dimensions, while still adhering to the principle of good corporate governance and business ethics.

In addition, the Company also apply the Sustainable Development Guidelines based on GRI Indicators and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals that related to the Company’s business operations and directions, including Goal 04 – Quality Education: The quality of education is of equally and comprehensive and promotes life-long learning opportunities for all; Goal 09 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Build Infrastructure that is resilient and resilient to change and foster industrial development and innovation; Goal 13 – Climate Action: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.

For the sustainability goals of the organization, the Company operates under the framework of sustainable development. There are strategies to support this action as follows.

1. Doing Business with Responsibility

Our commitment to conducting business with responsibility to society, environment, and all stakeholders by adhering to good corporate governance and business ethics. In order to create added value and investment in businesses that promote sustainability, including innovation development and mutual benefit throughout the business value chain.

Our strategies:

  • Strategic partnerships to ensure long term business sustainability beyond the concession
  • Develop innovative products and services, and new businesses

2. Caring for People & Society

Adhering to social responsibility regarding human rights and labor laws. Promote the management and care of employees with equality and fairness and good health. Promoting social care by providing equal opportunities to access information and connect with our innovative technology in every area and in every situation for a better quality of life.

Our strategies:

  • Employees Skills and Knowledge Development
  • Employees Well-being and Engagement
  • Thai Kid THAICOM Project
  • Promote innovations and projects that create learning opportunities and access to digital technology.

3. Thaicom Loves Earth

Focus on the responsibility to reduce and mitigate the environmental impact of the company’s operations by conserving resources and preserving good environmental conditions sustainably.

Our strategies:

  • Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy
  • Water Consumption and Wastewater Management
  • Green House Gas Emissions Management
  • Promote Green Offices (Effluents and Waste)
  • Planting Trees to reduce GHG

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

>Our operation Guidelines

Support education in remote areas to reduce the educational gap and provide opportunity to those children.  Provide and develop new learning management for improving the quality of life to children and Community for sustainability

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

>Our operation Guidelines

Provide communication network thoroughly and available in all circumstances such as disaster. Increase access for information and technology

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

>Our operation Guidelines

Manage resources and mitigate Environmental impact especially the Climate Change

Thaicom realizes that all stakeholders are directly or indirectly important to the company. The classification of our stakeholders is based on the impact of the Company’s business operations on each group. To ensure that the actions and responses to the expectations of all stakeholders are fair and appropriate, the Company has specified in the Business Ethics (Code of Conduct) and Good Corporate Governance Principle. The Company also encourages stakeholders to participate in the Company’s operations appropriately.

The Company has classified the stakeholders in the value chain into 7 groups:

  1. Customers
  2. Shareholders
  3. Employees
  4. Regulators
  5. Partners/Suppliers
  6. Lenders/Creditors
  7. Communities

> Please see our performance to meet the expectations, needs and engagement of stakeholders in the Company’s Annual Report.

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