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Responsible Business

Being a responsible business is at the heart of the Thaicom sustainable development goals in the digital era. New technologies playing an increasingly greater role in our everyday lives – including data access, consumer behaviors, and our constantly evolving needs. Thaicom has therefore placed great importance on building a sustainable foundation from which to develop our communications network.

We believe that providing high quality telecommunications is an essential part of our duty to society and our stakeholders as we aim to provide ethically guided services in accordance with transparent business principles which are open to scrutiny.


Thaicom’s business operations follow strict guidelines, including working in accordance with moral and ethical procedures to set a standard for all activities, whichever country Thaicom is operating in. Our organization therefore places great importance on the opinions of our stakeholders as we are aware that the trust of these people is crucial to our competitiveness and success. We are committed to maintaining the highest possible code of conduct in every aspect of our business, while ensuring those ethics guide our responsible business model. Responsible business operations are the cornerstone upon which we base our entire company culture, maintaining a focus on operating efficiently and honestly to ensure a sustainable business growth model.

Code of Conduct

We ensure that good governance guides our business operations in order to encourage honesty and responsibility while maintaining a strong relationship with our stakeholders.

A company will always encounter problems during its day-to-day operations, be that on the part of officials, administrators or staff members, and these may include questions or suspicions about its code of conduct and lawful practice.

Our moral and ethical code therefore becomes a set of “operational guidelines”. We communicate these guidelines are vital for all our staff. Therefore, we regularly organize seminars and training related directly to our Code of Conduct as this will help us achieve our stated goals, while remaining true to our sustainable business model.

Ethics Hotline

Thaicom is committed to responsible, transparent, and ethical business practice as outlined in our company Code of Conduct.

We do not tolerate any actions or behavior that could be considered corrupt, with anyone found guilty of misconduct facing the appropriate disciplinary action.
We have set up a reporting system and offer support to all employees who wish to report misdemeanors or corrupt activity, which may be attributed to staff, suppliers, creditors, debtors, shareholders, management and other stakeholders who are associated with the company. This includes providing employee protection to those who cooperate or offer information related to the aforementioned prohibited actions or corruption.

To report a breach of code of conduct, click here


Thaicom is against corruption in all its various forms as we are aware of the damage to fair and just competition that it can do, as well as its negative effects on the development of the economy and society as a whole.

Our anti-corruption policy is a crucial part of our company Code of Conduct and it is something we expect all of our employees to be fully aware of at all times by attending regular staff training covering the key aspects of that policy.

Furthermore, we make our intentions and anti-corruption policy extremely clear to our customers, business partners, and anyone who works for the organization, while also expecting all areas of our supply chain to uphold the core values of our business model in this regard.

Thaicom has signed up to the “Thailand Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC)” and has been accepted as a member of the Private Sector Against Corruption Committee.

Supply Chain

Thaicom has a policy in place related to ethics and responsible business practice with regard to our business partners and creditors, including a Supplier Charter that ensures our partners can have full confidence in the way we operate, while working together to pull in the same direction.

Thaicom has set up a complaints channel, which our partners can access via our website. This channel offers a direct line to our procurement department or internal audit department. We are always on hand to listen, respond and cooperate with any of our many business partners who require our assistance.

Human Rights

At Thaicom, we are committed to human rights. The respect of human rights is an integral part of our responsibility as an Asian satellite provider.

We add value to society in our markets in Asia, Oceania and Africa through our connectivity services and solutions, responsible business practices, mutually beneficial partnerships, and engagement in local communities.

We ensure respect for human rights in all our activities. Human rights form the key element of the Thaicom way of conducting our business—now and into the future.

Human Rights in practice

At Thaicom, we support and respect human rights by ensuring that the company is not associated with any form of human rights abuse by acting in a just manner, and  not prejudicing against anyone, regardless of their place of birth, nationality, skin color, age or gender.  We recognize that everyone has fundamental human rights and freedoms, no matter where they are in the world, offline or online, in this digital era, so we understand how vital it is to protect the privacy of our customers and the personal data of our stakeholders. Thaicom carefully observes local laws and norms, while ensuring that our operations abide by internationally recognized standards of practice. Our staff must display an awareness of how their job can comply with human rights, showing a strict level of individual responsibility when doing so.