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Thaicom Subsidiary Launches MoreSai Campus Motorcycle Ridesharing Service for Suranaree University

Nonthaburi, 15 July 2020Thai Advance Innovation Company Limited (Thai AI)—a subsidiary of Thaicom Public Company Limited—announced today the launch of Suranaree University of Technology’s (SUT) motorcycle ride share system, MoreSai. Students, faculty, and staff will have access to 30 GPS-enabled electric motorcycles at 7 charging and parking stations around campus for easy access. The motorcycle share service promises to be an affordable, accessible, and sustainable transportation option for the university. MoreSai motorcycle share services will include the positioning, installation, operation, maintenance, and ongoing management of the electric motorcycles in partnership with the university.

“We’re excited to provide a community transit solution for our university partner, Suranaree University of Technology,” said Anant Kaewruamvongs, Thaicom Chief Executive Officer. “Our 100%-electric motorcycle ridesharing platform allows schools to provide affordable, shared mobility options that connect the campus with the larger community in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way.  What’s more, the MoreSai mobility-as-a-service solution is much more cost-efficient than ownership of a motorcycle. As we are defining the vision of Thaicom and our subsidiary Thai AI, and making inroads into new business areas—this collaboration is part of our ambition to bring sustainable technologies to ‘smart’ universities such as Suranaree University of Technology. We plan to expand MoreSai to campuses, communities, and cities across Thailand in the near future”

“MoreSai motorcycle rideshare service offers a transportation solution that is easy to access, very affordable, and environmentally friendly,” said Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Weerapong Pairsuwan, Rector of Suranaree University of Technology (SUT). “Our partnership with Thaicom and Thai AI assists in Suranaree University of Technology’s goal to becoming a more sustainable campus and offer our community a truly smart solution to get around the campus. And because MoreSai is 100%-electric, it helps reduce CO2 emissions, urban noise, and air pollution.”

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About MoreSai

MoreSai is the first mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) brand in Thailand offering sustainable micro-transit solutions that are 100%-electric based. MoreSai electric motorcycles can be accessed through a proprietary app. MoreSai empowers communities to lead better lives through alternative forms of transportation. MoreSai will be expanded to campuses, communities, and cities across Thailand.

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