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Our sustainable business model helps us to remain competitive while maintaining a focus on the development of people and society. Our people are our most valuable asset. We therefore never grow tired to promote the safety, education and well-being of our employees through various programs.

At the same time, we combine the latest satellite communication technologies with our high levels of expertise to create equal opportunities and improving the quality of life for local communities and society as a whole.


We believe that everyone should receive the same opportunities in life, especially with regard to education and information access. Education is the foundation from which a person can help to create a sustainable society. One of our key commitments is to improving the quality of education available in order to reduce inequality in society.

We have therefore decided to tap into the massive potential of our satellite network in order to reduce the obstacle of distance and support the creation of a comprehensive domestic education network. We are using satellite technology to help mitigate the digital divide and reduce the education gaps that arise between children located in cities and their rural counterparts.

We are also constantly training our employees, thus pursuing life-long learning principles and constructionism.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We strive to create shared value in society and help when help is needed.  Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of Thaicom’s corporate citizenship. Our voluntary commitment is aimed at building the capacity needed so that more people can make a sustainable living by access to education and technology. We are also there when disaster strikes, providing humanitarian aid after natural disasters through financial aid and technical support.

Access to education

We aim to provide comprehensive and wide-ranging access to education for those just entering the education system, as well as those who further their education throughout their adult lives, supporting that education and increasing opportunities to access communication technologies.

For example, Thaicom has installed satellite dishes and various other related equipment in education institutes in Thailand. We provide long distance learning to enable young people access to high levels of education. Such projects encourage lifelong learning while providing a route into a career.

Community development

We play our part in community development and providing sustainable solutions to community issues through our business model consisting of initiatives aimed at stimulating community investing. We are committed to raising the level of education and have implemented initiatives aimed at spreading knowledge via satellite communications in order to ensure sustainable development in rural communities.

Thaicom volunteers

“Volunteer engagement for sustainability”

Our volunteer program aims to engage Thaicom staff members in local community projects.  As responsible citizens, we have embarked on numerous community projects which require the specific skills and capabilities our staff can bring to the table for the benefit of society as a whole, be that in terms of the economy, society or the environment.


We continuously develop the quality of our employee base through lifelong learning principles because we understand that high quality employees are crucial to enabling sustainable business growth and development. At the same time, we ensure equal opportunities for all employees, and a diverse, healthy and safe work environment. We are also aware of the need to provide equal opportunities, being careful not to prejudice against anyone based on their gender, race or religion.

Health and Safety

Employee health and occupational safety play an important role in protecting our employees and assets which ultimately contribute to Thaicom’s competitiveness. To this end, we develop programs and business processes that focus on safety management as an integral part of our corporate governance, our internal controls, and our risk management.

Creating a satisfying work environment that helps employees stay healthy and happy is something which we never overlook due to its importance in terms of improving efficiency and sustainability. Thus, Thaicom regularly organizes activities to promote good health among its employee base, as well as various Thaicom clubs, including a cycling club, running club, badminton club, football club and yoga club.

Our occupational safety in practice

Our health, safety and environmental committee consists of managers and staff who are devoted to putting plans in place to prevent accidents. These   measures are regularly reviewed to ensure operations are conducted in a safe and lawful manner, including carrying out risk assessments to regulate and protect our employees. These risk assessments include regular screening of equipment and tools to ensure that they are both safe and ready to use. Moreover, we have numerous communication channels available, alongside regular training and emergency safety drills, so our employees are aware of what to do if a dangerous situation should arise in the work place.

Employee engagement

Another vital aspect of ensuring that we achieve our business objectives is the way in which we engage our employees. We build mutual trust and inspire our employees, so that they want to come to work each day, feeling like they are capable of achieving their personal and career goals for a sustainable future. We believe it is important to give our employees a voice. We listen. And so we carry out regular employee engagement surveys to ensure that our employees know that their opinions are being heard.

Employee development

At Thaicom, we understand that human resources are our most valuable asset for a sustainable future. Thaicom is a company based on knowledge and life-long learning principles. We are committed to raising employee engagement and improving understanding among our diverse employees.  We think it is important that our employees learn new skills every day and realize their professional potential.   Every day ur employees learn new skills that can help nurture the next generation of company leaders.