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Thaicom Loves Earth

Climate change is a real threat to a sustainable future. Reducing environmental impacts caused by our business operations forms a key part of the Thaicom sustainability model. We take climate change very seriously and therefore show a high level of responsibility towards the environment by constantly monitoring our operations and their impact upon it.

We have pursued low carbon emissions and utilized energy saving measures for over a decade. We  are committed to our responsibility for the environment and to constantly reduce greenhouse emissions.  We intend to ensure that our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible by way of limiting the impact on the environment in our day-to-day operations and with regard to the services that we offer to our customers and supply chain sustainability.

In addition, Thaicom takes into account the overall work procedures concerning the environment which includes the procurement process in which the Company has the internal policies and regulations in place that supports products and services that are environmentally friendly.

“Reducing environmental impacts caused by our business operations forms a key part of the Thaicom sustainability model”

Energy Conservation

Thaicom recognizes that effective and responsible management of business operations is essential, if we want to reduce their direct or indirect consequences on the environment. With this in mind, we are determined to protect the environment by continuously aiming to reduce the amount of energy that we use, while setting energy efficiency goals on an annual basis that form key performance indicators.

Energy conservation at Thaicom in practice

With our recent iSave campaign, Thaicom has outlined measures and organized activities aimed at improving our staff energy use. However, we have not stopped there. We are constantly striving to do more and raise awareness on environmental issues, especially with regard to energy use. Moreover, we are reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and will invest in renewable technologies for use in our offices located in Pathum Thani province, where the installation of On Grid Solar Cells will help us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions for more sustainable operations.

Water Resource Management

Although water is not the main natural resource utilized by Thaicom, this does not mean that we do not recognize the impact that effective water resource management can have on the lives of people around the world. Even using water for consumption in our offices must be done in a way that promotes efficient water usage. Thaicom also pays attention to waste water disposal and introduced ‘smart’ waste water management technology in our office buildings. We also support our community in their efforts to treat waste water in collaboration with the local municipality.

Water resource management at Thaicom in practice

We deem it important to reduce water consumption and recycle water. We have therefore   installed pumping systems that water our plants and lawns using recycled waste water from our offices. We understand just how vital it is to treat water produced from our premises prior to releasing it back into the public water system. Aside from installing water treatment equipment, we also screen and analyze the quality of water we release every year. These measures are carried out under the Thaicom “Loves Earth Campaign”.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The world is undergoing seismic changes in terms of the environment, be that with regard to the depletion of natural resources or extreme weather events, and human activity plays a massive part in the increasingly frequent occurrence of natural disasters.

We are committed to operate our business with the environment in mind.  Our telecommunications operations are reliant on electricity, which is a key factor of greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, in order to be as transparent and responsible as possible, Thaicom discloses its greenhouse gas emissions to the public. We have also registered the company with the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization Public Company Ltd. to ensure that we are working in accordance with their policy framework to reduce the impacts of businesses on global warming in Thailand, thereby supporting the country’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.