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Thaicom 8

Thaicom 8 is located at the prime orbital position of 78.5° East and is co-located with Thaicom 6. Thaicom 8’s mission is to enlarge our footprint over high growth South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa markets. Carrying a 24 Ku-band transponder payload, Thaicom 8 offers a full range of data, media and telecom services tailored to the communication needs of the entertainment and media industries.

Manufacturer Orbital ATK Inc., USA
Orbital Slot 78.5° East
Design Life 15 years
Attitude Control 3-Axis Stabilized
Launch Mass Approx. 3000 kg
Launch Date 27 May 2016
Transponder Capacity
Ku-Band 24 Transponders
*Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Thaicom 8 @ 78.5° EAST
 Ku-band Southeast Asia (Mainland) Beam
 Ku-band South Asia Beam
 Ku-band Steerable Beam
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