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Thaicom 5


Thaicom 5 is located at the prime orbital position of 78.5° East. The satellite’s regional beams with high-powered Ku-band and C-band payload provide broadcast and media services over Southeast Asia for DTH and cable distribution. Global beam coverage on Thaicom 5 spans over four continents and can service users in South Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Manufacturer Alcatel Alenia Space, France
Orbital Slot 78.5° East
Useful Life >14 Years
Attitude Control 3-Axis Stabilized
Launch Mass 2,776 Kg
Launch Date May 2006
Transponder Capacity
C-Band 25 Transponders
Ku-Band 14 Transponders
Thaicom 5 @ 78.5° EAST
C-band Regional Beam
 C-band Global Beam
 Ku-band Spot Beam for Thailand
 Ku-band Southeast Asia (Mainland)