Thaicom Sustainability

Thaicom...creates a future and opportunities for Sustainability


Our commitment to create a future

and opportunities for all as the Company continues to grow, together, with the communities in which we conduct our activities.

  • Approach to Sustainability

    Thaicom places great importance on sustainable development. The Company is constantly exploring ways to improve process efficiency throughout the organization, mindful of impacts on both the organization itself and society at large. By refining the sustainable development management vision and establishing a sustainable development policy built on social responsibility, the Company has embedded a clear working plan for both internal and external processes into its policies, strategies, and targets.

    Thaicom has also begun to integrate sustainable development into its management practices. Key issues are selected based on concerns of both the organization and its stakeholders. These key issues are then incorporated into plans for management systems, unit operations, and performance indicators. This creates an environment which fosters involvement throughout the organization, driving sustainable growth and garnering recognition from key stakeholders.

  • Vision

    Thaicom aims to be a leading Asian satellite operator, influencing and innovating communications on a global scale, providing products and services responsibly, and developing people and ethical practices to accommodate economic growth and cultivate a sustainable society.


    1. Drive solid growth for shareholders.
    2. Develop innovative solutions for customers and new markets.
    3. Build a positive corporate image among all stakeholders.
    4. Strive to be high performance organization by nurturing employee potential and relationships.
  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Thaicom believes that achieving strong and sustainable growth requires the ability to respond appropriately to all types of stakeholders. Thaicom’s key stakeholders based on objective selection criteria, finding that Thaicom’s 8 key stakeholder groups are Employee, Shareholder, Government and Regulatory Agency, Customer, Creditor, Supplier, Partner, and the Community.

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  • Sustainable Development Policy

    Thaicom recognizes the importance of strengthening business alongside with social development and environmental responsibility through good governance and involvement of stakeholders in order to achieve sustainable growth. Therefore, The Company has developed and defined the scope of its responsibility to stakeholders through the following nine approaches:

    1. Corporate Governance Policy
    2. Fair Business Operation
    3. Anti-Corruption Practices
    4. Respect for Human Rights
    5. Equitable Treatment of Employees
    6. Responsibility to Customers and Consumers
    7. Community and Social Development
    8. Innovation
    9. Environmental Management

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Strategic Framework for Thaicom Sustainability Goals (TSGs)

Thaicom continues to adhere to the mission of “connecting communications networks with sufficient coverage and capacity for every situation, providing products and services responsibly for environmental and social sustainability, creating innovations for the future and managing space resources efficiently, and developing people and business processes with adherence to corporate governance principles throughout the value chain” in order to become a world-class leader in satellite operation through business and technological innovations that benefit both the industry and society as a whole in achieving strong and sustainable growth.

  • Ensuring equal access to communications for everyone is one of Thaicom’s key missions. To sustainably improve quality of life throughout all levels of society, we must provide access to a variety of channels and content that can meet the needs of people of all ages and genders. Thaicom aims to maintain connectivity at all times—both in normal and emergency or crisis situations—through the sustainable development strategies for connectivity.

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  • Thaicom is committed to being a sustainable leader within the satellite industry, always seeking to new and innovative product and service designs that anticipate trends in technology and address the demands of tomorrow’s lifestyle. Innovations should meet customer needs while also providing social and environmental value. It takes careful and practical management to nuture innovations from inception to reality. Thaicom’s innovation pipeline focuses on 3 main areas—technological innovation, financial innovation, and marketing innovation—to ensure that Thaicom products and services remain on the cutting edge, meeting the future needs of customers and end-users while keeping costs within a reasonable range.

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  • To promote sustainable development, Thaicom is always striving to attain the highest degree of responsibility towards both society and the environment, especially regarding its products and services through 3 key strategies to demonstrate responsibility: responsible service, support for a sustainable society, and environmental resource management & impact mitigation.

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  • Thaicom believes in effective and transparent management processes that treat all stakeholders inside and outside of the organization with fairness. Good corporate governance is an essential foundation for sustainable business practices, providing employees with a framework for guiding their behavior to fit the Company’s core values of “Excellence in Technology, Passion to Challenge, Initiative in Innovation, Commitment to Contribute”. It is also important to the Company that its suppliers operate on the basis of good corporate governance principles alongside Thaicom.

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