Message from Sustainable Development Committee Chairman

Thaicom...creates a future and opportunities for Sustainability


Message from Sustainable Development Committee Chairman

Throughout the past 24 years, Thaicom has provided end-to-end satellite communications solutions, both broadband and broadcast, covering the Asia-Pacific area. In the midst of economic, social, and environmental changes, Thaicom continually places priority on effective management through the 4 areas of our Sustainable Development Framework:

Connectivity, Responsibility, Innovation, and Corporate Governance. These 4 areas drive us toward becoming a world-class leader in the satellite business that creates knowledge, adds value, and manages resources for the benefit of all stakeholders, including society at large


Particularly in 2015, Thaicom places priority on managing its satellite network to ensure sufficient and complete coverage with uninterrupted service, preparing for the launch of THAICOM 8 into orbit at 78.5 degrees East which will increase the number of transponders available and thus provide everyone with continuous access to communication, even in remote areas and during times of crisis or natural disaster.


Thaicom takes responsibility for providing a higher quality of customer service through early-stage adaptation of its incident management system for application to broadband. The IT system is leveraged to track and resolve errors in the gateway system before a problem arises. As a result, no significant errors occurred in 2015


Thaicom strives for innovative product and service design that meets the needs of its various target groups, including individual customers, households, organizations, and the public sector. Thaicom also collaborates with educational institutions to conduct programs to foster knowledge sharing and learning about satellite and space innovations that can actually be used. In 2015, Thaicom held the Ready-to-Use Antenna Competition as a platform for Thai youth interested in designing and building their own working satellite receiver.

Corporate Governance

Thaicom emphasizes management practices based on good corporate governance principles in order to drive the organization toward sustainability. The year 2015 was a successful year in which the Company developed its corporate governance beyond Thai standards, achieving recognition at the ASEAN level and maintaining an excellent score—or Five Stars—in Thailand’s CGR. This gives the Company confidence in beginning to extend its sustainability model to its business partners in 2016 as well.

Through the hard work and dedication of the working team throughout 2015, Thaicom received recognition and awards for business practices which align with sustainable development from a number of organizations both in Thailand and overseas, including the 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2015 from the Via Satellite Excellence Awards and Top 2 Outstanding Achievement Award from the 2015 ASEAN CG Scorecard. The Company was also ranked in Thailand Sustainability Investment 2015 (THSI-2015) by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and was one among a group of listed companies receiving the ESG 100 Certificate for outstanding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance from Thaipat Institute. At the same time, our directors received a number of awards from the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) in the 2015 Board of the Year Awards (including Board with Consistent Best Practices, Board of the Year for Distinctive Practices, and Audit Committee of the Year). Further indicating Thaicom’s strong and sustainable growth, the Company’s was ranked 8th in the world among fixed satellite service operators in terms of revenue.

In order to ensure that sustainable development in 2016 is carried out smoothly and according to plan, Thaicom has a model that places emphasis on business operation processes to drive the organization toward sustainability in all areas (CSR-in process). This includes a plan to review stakeholder expectations for use in setting operational plans and indicators that are specific to current situations and aligned with strong and sustainable future growth.

Finally, I would like to thank our shareholders, our business partners, and the public agencies who have consistently supported Thaicom on a firm foundation of collective responsibility. Thaicom continues to adhere to the mission of “connecting communications networks with sufficient coverage and capacity for every situation, providing products and services responsibly for environmental and social sustainability, creating innovations for the future and managing space resources efficiently, and developing people and business processes with adherence to corporate governance principles throughout the value chain” in order to become a world-class leader in satellite operation through business and technological innovations that benefit both the industry and society as a whole in achieving strong and sustainable growth.

Mr.Paiboon Panuwattanawong
Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee and Chief Executive Officer