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Thaicom promotes teachers’ ability to apply Constructionism in the classroom. Constructionism emphasizes knowledge creation by the learners themselves by encouraging experiential learning, or learning by doing. That is, students must gather data on their own, turn the data into useful information, apply the information to create knowledge, and reflect on the process to build wisdom that will stay with them throughout their life. The Company sees this as an important investment in the development of the nation’s education system.

Beyond simply bringing network connectivity to the classroom, Thaicom also promotes an intellectual ecosystem in which learning and discovery can thrive, creating opportunities for students who are interested in communications and space technology to apply their knowledge. Thaicom hosts a number of competitions for students to test, challenge, and showcase their design skills by creating their own satellite or related equipment, such as SpaceBox , Ready-to-Use Antenna , The Innovative Electromagnetics Academy of Thailand (iEMAT), Thaicom is collaborating with Kasetsart University to develop an anti-jamming system for satellite TV signal, using a wider range of the spectrum than typical systems. The anti-jam technology also delivers a better signal and clearer picture to the user even in the absence of jamming, while ensuring that signal remains compatible with that of typical systems and provides expert support to King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in the areas of space and satellite communications technology as well as other related technology, contributing to Thailand’s education, society, and economy.