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Thai Kid Thaicom

As a provider of basic communications infrastructure, Thaicom encourages and promotes the creative use of communications technology to benefit society as a whole. Thaicom is particularly interested in leveraging satellite technology to provide equal educational opportunities for students throughout Thailand. The Thai Kid Thaicom project aims to provide educational opportunities to children in rural communities where access to education is scarce, sub-standard, or where there is a chronic lack of teachers. Through the project, the Company provides satellite receiver dishes to schools in these areas so that they may then access distance education programs. By equipping schools with satellite equipment, Thaicom provides students in rural areas with a wider variety of tools through which they can learn and develop themselves.

Thaicom has expanded the scope of the portion of the Thai Kid Thaicom which trains technicians to install receiver sets. The Company has plans to further expand the training program to include students enrolled in the government’s adult education programs and also to offer IP-Gateway training for those interested in increasing their skills and knowledge of satellite systems.