HR Policy

The latest innovations in Human Resources management


To create a Great Workplace, emphasis must be placed on the people within the organization. To ensure that we attract the most talented personnel, we start with our hiring process, identifying outstanding candidates, while at the same time working out a development plan and career path for all employees.

We also stress the creation of a Corporate Culture that is based on good Corporate Governance and the utilization of the latest innovations in Human Resources management.

Our Hiring Policies Include:

  1. Recruitment and selection of qualified professionals
  2. Promotion of an employee’s career path by providing them with a clear personal development framework, while also ensuring that all employees follow a consistent training program that will prepare them for increased responsibilities and greater job efficiency.
  3. Manage a payroll and remuneration package system that is equal to those of other leading companies.
  4. Place priority on internal employees who have the right knowledge and background to fill higher positions before initiating external recruitment.
  5. Encourage teamwork so that employees will cooperate effectively with one another like family members.

The Human Resources policies that we have developed have been carefully planned, with sufficient budgets to carry out these efforts to ensure employee satisfaction with their workplace and careers at Thaicom.