Code of Conduct

Thaicom values the significance of good corporate governance within the organization and is determined to develop an efficient, transparent and accountable management system.


Code of Conduct 2015

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Message from the Chairman of the Board

To Directors, Executives and All Staff

“The person could be succees in their lives by holding ethic principles, the Company likewise could be succeed by having good corporate governance.”

In view of the above philosophy, the Company would like to encourage Directors, Executives and Staff to apply the Company Code of Conduct as guideline for conducting the business and lives until it became his/her habits.

To become the globally satellite service operators, Directors, Executives and all staff must adhere to and apply corporate governance best practice as the guideline in conducting our business in order to create transparency and protect stakeholder interests. Moreover, the company connects and engages all stakeholders to participate in business activities, as well as express opinions toward conducting our business. This will be a mechanism to ensure the efficiency of our operation, which leads to good corporate governance organization with sustainability growth and has been recognized both domestic and aboard.

This Code of Conduct is effective from 18 June 2015 onwards

Mr. Paron Israsena
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Thaicom Public Company Limited