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End-to-End Satellite Services

We provide tailored satellite communication services on an end-to-end basis for broadcasters, the telecom industry and mobile network carriers, businesses and governments in Asia-Pacific. By leveraging our growing fleet of satellites and leading innovations in satellite technology, we offer our customers the flexibility to deliver services that create value.


ThThaicom’s IPSTAR is the world’s first High Throughput Satellite (HTS) ever launched and has been the leading broadband satellite platform in Asia-Pacific since 2005. IPSTAR has a successful track record of providing broadband, media, and mobility services to the business, government and telecom sectors. So whether you want to empower school children with access to online education, back up your business operations, or expand your cellular network in low-density population markets, IPSTAR is at your service. Presently, we provide broadband services for remote and rural areas in 10 countries within Asia-Pacific.

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We connect people on the move – at sea and in the air.

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Premium backhaul and expansion of service coverage for Mobile Network Carriers in Asia-Pacific.

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Consumer Broadband

High-speed broadband connectivity for consumer homes in rural and remote Asia-Pacific.

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Satellite Broadband Solutions for Businesses & Enterprises.

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Satellite Broadband Solutions for Government Missions.

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For 25 years we have helped broadcasters and the media industry grow new audiences and reach more markets. In a world where broadband and broadcast services are converging more and more and multi-screen delivery is fast becoming the standard, our video broadcasting services are aimed at meeting the specific needs of today’s DTH operators, TV broadcasters, and telecoms. Through global reach and compatibility with other terrestrial networks, Thaicom can broadcast all types of content, in all sizes and formats, ensuring reliable TV and radio program broadcasting.

Satellite Distribution

Expand your market and reach new customers worldwide.

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Transponder Leasing

Wide Range of Transponder Leasing Services on a Full Time or Occasional Use Basis.

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